Work in progress

series of photographs, 2018 – ongoing

I’ve been documenting my family life since 2018. I like to explore the quotidian and use my intensely seeing eyes to nurture me through these years of fragmented focus and weariness and make parenting my subject matter rather than an obstacle to overcome. As an artist and a mother, I work towards making it possible to eat the cake and have it too; neither one of my roles should have to succumb to the other. The only way I can find balance between the two worlds, is to incorporate my image-making with my everyday life.

My ongoing work also includes self-portraits that I make sporadicly. Sometimes they are made in a haste and sometimes they take weeks to accomplish. I put tape on the floor and forbid anyone to touch the camera. The kids get annoyed for not getting to theirs seats properly and my partner has blue toes for stumbling on the tripod. I love my family for sticking with me when I try to be a proper artist. I love my practice for baring with me when I try to be a proper mother.